Tyler: The Strongest Boy on the Block

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Caroline and Tyler

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Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab. Back to home page Return to top. Back to home page. But when the foundation is done right, nobody mentions it. What you were building had to be strong enough to support the weight of whatever you could dream.

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And if you are like me, you are a huge dreamer. You had to have a foundation that is big enough and strong enough and bold enough to hold all of your dreams and handle them coming true. I need to warn you, it takes a while to build a dream. So today I want to challenge you to know your intention as to why you do what you do. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

Tyler, the Creator performs Wednesday night in Van Nuys. May 23, Mikael Wood. Follow Us. The taxi driver jumped out and wanted to negotiate. I told him to drive to the police station and I will follow him. He prevaricated.

Tyler Thompson's mother calls for knife crime law change - BBC News

I insisted. Eventually he drove there.

The policemen took my side. They asked me to give a few pesos which I did. No fuss. I think the policemen knew that the guy had set me up. I will say one more point on this topic: I find it odd that the friends of Tyler would want us to not only remember him as the young guy with the nice smile, but also one who had many black friends. Why is so important a person have a black friend? Just because there is a good negro, that does not mean there are a dozen bad ones behind the good one who will cut his throat.

These people are not the same as us, and do not have the same temperament as us. They are a very mercurial people that can change in the drop of a hat. This is why they kill each other so often, and why they attack others.

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  • It is in their genes to commit crime. You are right that I could very well be a victim in the future, despite my careful efforts to defend myself. Some still believe in the American Dream, and maybe someday we can come to a consensus with them, one that dispels all the current false dogma that excuses black dysfunction, and work on implementing real solutions to the problem. Should I be nasty to every black person I meet? Should I slash the tires of the black homeowners who have lived on my block as l0ng as I have? Why not make the best of every encounter with every nice person, and enjoy our daily lives as much as we can?

    Actually, he thought of himself as the bright and shiny one who was going to succeed where all others had failed, because his heart was so overflowing with love and virtue. All he had to do was reveal the kumbaya in his pure soul, and all the blacks would come rushing to his banner.

    Tyler Thompson's mother calls for knife crime law change

    This is liberalism in its essence. Berkley is across Eight Mile Road from Detroit. A wide strip of pavement is all that separates the two cities. Are you also confused by Birmingham? The city in Michigan is white, Jewish, wealthy. The city in Alabama, not so much. Agree with every word you wrote. Lucky you to have him as a friend. One certainly should strive to avoid them as neighbors, for two main reasons:.

    What happens when Lionel and Wanda retire or move? Will they sell to white folk?

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    Or recall this incident which occurred in Rowlett, Texas back in Absolutely no regard for the welfare of the child. The consequences as such are often disastrous. In considering black people one need only look at Africa, the West Indies, predominantly black cities or predominantly black areas in cities in any part of the world.

    What may have been beautiful countries or neighborhoods have been turned into dumps and slums by this race.

    Give a white man a pile of rubble and he will turn it into a castle, give a black man a castle and he will turn it into a pile of rubble! They are not happy unless surrounded by garbage and a ruined environment. Seeing this, and knowing it to be a reality, logic should guide anyone to avoid them and their areas. Any white person who thinks they can help or change the mindset of black people is a fool!

    I am only an outsider with no skin in the game but I think this perhaps misses the point, very much a theme of the American Pravda series, that there is systematic bias in what the MSM reports and the way they report it. I agree that this short article is uncharacteristic of Unz. There is no blaming of Jews here. Something is definitely wrong.

    Are you sure that the black gentleman was not put up to this stunt by Barbara Spector? Passover is only 8 months away , maybe they needed Tylers blood to bake matzah? To ,Ex N. I really enjoy and agree with your comments. Europe and now S Europe. It may be marginally better than things described on unz. Once upon a time White countries also dealt with unwelcome foreigners in similar no nonsense ways. Why does Bettrina use the asshole word so much.

    'Teen Wolf' Creator Explains Series-Finale Ending: "This Story Isn't Over"

    Surely there are other words in the English language that can be used to express a similar meaning. You are an asshole! This shows a level of ignorance that is truly abominable. He was a good kids with good intentions. No one is disputing that. I think what everyone is saying is that his good intentions for black people was foolish and got him killed. His sympathy for others was dangerous.

    There is a saying that when you feel sorry for others, you end up feeling sorry for yourself. One question that has not been asked: apparently the incident happened Monday morning Jul 22 at 2am in west Detroit — what was this guy doing in that area at that time of the morning?

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    No wonder we think Detroit sucks. Every comment on here is crazy. Guess everyone of you are insane and need to have what happened to this young man… happen to you and your family. How terrible to make it ok for this to happen to anyone! Go back to the hole you live in.