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What a brilliant array of characters, all adding something different to the story! The mystery was real, throughout. And that definitely made for a wow factor twist! This is no exception! Although when I did read this and get halfway through, I did wonder when Poirot was going to appear, seen as this was a Poirot mystery. But he entered right when he needed to and definitely put his grey cells to good use when the time was necessary!

I enjoyed the characters, the visually impaired, confident Mrs.

Ihre Vorteile

Pebmarsh, the young, frantic girl who discovered the body, the mysterious murdered man himself, whose identity remained unknown until the end, the different neighbors with their many idiosyncrasies.. I did miss Poirot who was just in two scenes even though he was the one to ultimately solve the crime, and I did feel that the pace felt slow in the middle, specially given the very captivating beginning chapters. All in all I enjoyed it. I have a special love for The Clocks, because I inherited it from my uncle, what a beautiful and priceless gift.

Paper books will always have their place for this reason if nothing else. It was a later murder mystery by the author written and copyrighted in It was a cleverly written murder mystery that caught me by surprise at the end. I was led to a wrong impression of the real reason for the murder. It was a likely scenario for such as a murder that was simple and not convoluted if one was on the right track. There were red herrings that kept me on the wrong tracks. Agatha Christie was clear and the story just flowed from page to page.

I took just me a few days to complete the book.

After the Funeral: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Hercule Poirot Mysteries #29) (Paperback)

The Belgian private detective, Hercule Poirot came to the rescue to solve the murder mystery that baffled the police inspector Dick Hardcastle. The end was good and satisfying when I came to the last page of the book. One of Christie's better Poirot novels. For one thing, it includes an interesting narrator, Colin Lamb, who takes the story to Poirot. Here, Poirot is treated as Christie treated Miss Marple in all of the early Marple books--as a sort of supporting character who only shows up briefly, just in time to deliver the denouement.

I remembered much of this one from when I read it many years ago suggesting that it's worth remembering!

What struck me this time was the cleverness with which Christie int One of Christie's better Poirot novels. What struck me this time was the cleverness with which Christie introduced the giveaway clues to those readers who are paying enough attention! Haven't read a Christie in years, I forgot how enjoyable they are, tightly written, fast reads. There's a touch of meta here as an aging Poirot extols the virtues of various crime writers, but otherwise it's a fiendish and clever little tale about a ridiculously baffling murder, with some expertly deployed red herrings.

A mystery solved by the aging, great detective, Hercule Poirot, from the comfort of his chair. A fun mystery with some obvious moments perfectly met with some less obvious ones. Agatha christie does not disappoint! Another great, quick read from Agatha! Quite nice plot by christie.

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One of her better examples of misdirection - I was certainly too busy looking elsewhere to see what had really happened. One of Hercules Poirot's less famous cases, but still a great book. I remember passing it. Put her in the dining-room the other side of the hall. Tell her I am making some tea. I have made meals for myself in my own kitchen ever since I came to live in this house—fourteen years ago. To be blind is not necessarily to be helpless. It was stupid of me. Perhaps I ought to know your name? The girl looked up at me and began to struggle to her feet.

I should wait in the house if I were you. Miss Pebmarsh is making a cup of tea for you.

Poirot S12E01 The Clocks 2010

A cup of tea will do you good whilst you are waiting for the police to come. I settled her comfortably by the dining-room table, and hurried off again to telephone. Who is speaking? Where are you? Suddenly a girl came flying out of the house like a bat out of hell. Nearly knocked me down. She said there was a dead man on the floor and a blind woman was trampling on him.

But the facts seem to be as stated. The blind woman is Miss Millicent Pebmarsh who owns the house. Wait for me there.

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What have you done with the girl? Chapter 2 At 19, Wilbraham Crescent the machinery of the Law was in possession. There was a police surgeon, a police photographer, fingerprint men. They moved efficiently, each occupied with his own routine. Finally came Detective Inspector Hardcastle, a tall, poker-faced man with expressive eyebrows, godlike, to see that all he had put in motion was being done, and done properly. He took a final look at the body, exchanged a few brief words with the police surgeon and then crossed to the dining-room where three people sat over empty tea-cups.

Miss Pebmarsh, Colin Lamb and a tall girl with brown curling hair and wide, frightened eyes. He introduced himself to Miss Pebmarsh. But he had seen her about, and he was aware that she was an ex-school teacher, and that she had a job connected with the teaching of Braille at the Aaronberg Institute for handicapped children. It seemed wildly unlikely that a man should be found murdered in her neat, austere house—but the unlikely happened more often than one would be disposed to believe.

A young plain-clothes detective was already established in the kitchen, writing unobtrusively at a Formica-topped small table. Sheila Webb sat down nervously, staring at him with large frightened eyes. We just want to get a clear picture.

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Now your name is Sheila Webb—and your address? And you are employed, I suppose? Well, ten months actually.