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Goodnight Martians taking over the moon.

But as a little werewolf settles down, in comes the Goon determined at all costs to run amok and not let any monster have his rest. A beloved classic gets a kind-hearted send up in this utterly monsterized parody; energetic art and a hilarious text will have kids begging to read this again and again. Nothing Can Frighten a Bear - When Baby Bear hears a noise and fears a monster is near, the whole family gets out of bed and searches the woods to prove that monsters are not real.

Feather, Flap, and Spike are spending their first night in their very own nest. But, oh no, he sees a pair of eyes in the dark! Who is it? Goodnight, Bob!

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Then more eyes appear. Who is it now? Once there was a Prince who was afraid of the dark—like so many children are. But this boy became King and actually did something about it: he banned the dark completely! Soon, the sleep-deprived, exhausted citizens are ready to revolt. Good Night, Firefly - Here is a magical bedtime story, sure to inspire readers with its message of friendship and kindness.

Nina is afraid of the dark. Luckily she has a nightlight, but one night the power goes out. What can Nina do to keep the shadows from creeping in?

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She catches a firefly to keep her company. I'm Brave! I'm Strong! I'm Five! So she makes a star with her flashlight, a car with one headlight, and a lighthouse that blinks on and off. She checks out the noises outside her window and sees the moon—it is like a giant eye staring right at her! But when she closes her curtains, there are shadows and more noises and scary faces. This energetic, gorgeously-illustrated bedtime book is perfect for young readers learning to conquer bedtime fears by themselves.

Want to see more children's books about facing fears? When a boy named Harry sneaks out of bed one night with his best friend, Horsie, to play with his Super Duper Bubble Blooper — an out-of-this-world adventure begins! Illustrated with retro-comic art, this is a charming story about the power of friendship and imagination from a talented new team. Come on a bedtime adventure with one little knight as he rides through forests to reach his bedroom, battles crocodiles to brush his teeth and climbs the tallest tower to get into bed. But when he watches the groundbreaking moon landing on TV, he realizes that space is the darkest dark there is—and the dark is beautiful and exciting, especially when you have big dreams to keep you company.

His socks are odd, his bedroom is chaotic, and his mind is so full of imaginative schemes that following even the simplest of instructions can end in mayhem. So off they go on an imaginary flight together, past mountaintops and fields and over the deep blue sea. In a quintessential bedtime story, gentle art and a lyrical text take listeners on lighthearted flights of fancy and offer an ode to the unconditional love between parent and child.

An adorable padded board book for parents and children to share!

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Instead of sleeping, she sneaks around the house until she finds herself outside, where she finds a toy. She just wants to run and play! A boy who used to have a cat believes that its ghost is darting through his house by day and purring in his bed at night. Sleepover Duck!


So Duck and Cat set off to search high and low to find out just who is doing all that hooting. Full of your favorite barnyard animals and their memorable sounds, young readers will love this delightfully funny and endearing story. Kitten and the Night Watchman - A stray kitten changes the way the watchman sees nighttime in this tender book based on a true story, illustrated by Strictly No Elephants artist Taeeun Yoo.

The night watchman hugs his wife and kids and drives to work. All night he is alone. Every hour he makes his rounds.

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He sees the stars twinkling. When he is joined by a stray kitten, the night suddenly seems different. Has the kitten found a new home? Kitten and the Night Watchman is inspired by the true story of author John Sullivan meeting a stray cat while working as a night watchman.

The Storybook Knight - Even dragons love a good story… Leo was a gentle knight in thought and word and deed. But can a story be as mighty as a sword? Hush Little Baby - In this variation on the classic lullaby, a mother soothes her child to sleep with the promise of such things as a quilt, a banjo tune, and the sights and sounds of nature. Meet at my house, half past eight. See the Cow that jumped over the moon, who tells the Dish, who tells the Spoon, who are soon joined by Little Bo Peep, Miss Muffet, Georgie Porgie, and a whole troop of other nursery time friends.

Includes an afterword with all the classic nursery rhymes featured in the book, making it a true treasury. Good Night, Sleep Tight - B is for Bookworm - I like that this book includes a lot of different nursery rhymes and has pictures showing the story in the rhymes. This is also a great one to read about how fun babysitters can be! This bedtime book is perfect for a giggle before little ones drift off to sleep, just as the sheep does in this charming board book. I Sleep in a Big Bed - Babies sleep in cribs. Do big kids? Big kids sleep in a big bed. Some happen easily; others need a little extra support.

Artist and mom Maria van Lieshout has been there.

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Drawing upon her own experiences, she has created an engaging series of books that are just right for children on the brink of major changes and the caregivers who encourage them. Good Night Sleepy Caterpillar - Follow one little caterpillar through the forest as she says good night to all of her friends! Follow her through the forest as she says good night to all of her woodland friends in this delightful peek-through bedtime storybook.

With colorful illustrations and die-cuts on every page, this book will keep little hands busy before they have sweet dreams! Lola never gets tired. Maud is picked on by the other dragons, so stays cooped up in her cave, sad and lonely. But when the chance comes, will her friend Mouse help her pluck up the courage to fly?

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They put away their toys, brush their teeth, and change into pajamas. With fun sliders and lift-the-flaps, toddlers will love to help Pepe and Millie get ready for bed. He studied illustration, drawing, and printing at the Massana School of Barcelona and art history at the University of Barcelona. In , he won the Junceda Prize for his book The Sounds of.

Sweet Dreams, Supergirl - A young Supergirl fan faces her most elusive adversary - sleep!

Mom dreams up a variety of sleep-inducing scenarios, but Molly manages to find something exciting and energizing in each one.