Sermons for Patriotic Sundays

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“Our Dual Allegiances”

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Patriotism and the gospel in American churches: 8 suggestions

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Distinguishing between real and false patriotism, Father discusses the few options left for Christians in a fallen nation. What do we do as the threat of persecution rises? I bet you would be afraid.

Patriotism and the gospel in American churches: 8 suggestions

Not the sweet, fluffy angels in greeting cards; or the baby-faced angels of Sunday school Christmas pageants. That would be freighting. What else makes people afraid? The disciples were afraid because they thought they were next to be crucified. They ran and hid.

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Death brings fear into the heart. Jesus met them on the way and calmed their fears. He does the same for you. The hope of the resurrection is yours!

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Lenten Journey. Lent begins a 40 day journey with Jesus to his Passion: his trial, scourging, cross and tomb.

It starts with Ash Wednesday. The Sundays in Lent do not count, because they are little resurrections along the journey, days of refreshment in this penitential season. During Lent we deny ourselves pleasures. We do this not to earn any favor before God. We deny ourselves some pleasures during lent to deepen our devotion in the remembrance of what Jesus went through for all people. Not eating chocolate or drinking soda pop or even fasting on a certain day cannot compare with the suffering of Jesus but it can be good for your Lenten devotion.

In my Lutheran tradition, denying yourself during Lent is completely up to your Christian liberty. Deny yourself or enjoy, it is up to you. No law about Lenten denial here. No one likes to suffer or to remember suffering. In this world where people seek constant gratification the thought of 40 days of Lent, makes many cringe.

Yet we live in a harsh and sinful world, where suffering and death are always before us. Lent gives hope to our suffering and life in death. Lent makes the joy of Easter resurrection all the more refreshing because Jesus suffered all not for himself but for you! Having an Epiphany. It started January 6 th and lasts till March 2 nd. No, not the kind of epiphany where you realize you should have had a vegetable drink made from tomatoes. This kind of Epiphany is life changing, in a now and eternal way. In my Lutheran tradition we celebrate the season called, yup, you guessed it, Epiphany.

It is a season that brings the 12 days of Christmas to a close. It takes the church on a journey of light and life with Jesus up to Ash Wednesday and Lent. During Epiphany we rejoice with the Magi - wise men from the east who brought their gifts and followed the star to find the infant King Matthew 2.

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We are with Jesus as he plunges into the water of the Jordan to be baptized. We see the heavens opened, the Spirit dove descending. The season ends on the mountain top with Jesus, Peter, James and John.

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Jesus is transfigured before them. He chats with old friends, Moses and Elijah. Epiphany is about celebrating who Jesus is for you! He is your substitute. He carried your sin to the cross. He died your death. He gives you his sinlessness, his righteousness, his life! I pray you are having an Epiphany too!