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If you have to suffer for it, suffer for it. One has to pay the price for everything; nothing is free in life. Then that is the price. If you enjoy something and the whole world condemns it, good! You accept that consequence because you like it so much, it is worth it. It is your life — and who knows? So enjoy it while you are alive!

It is your life. When you die, only you die — nobody dies in your place. Your death will be absolutely individual.

Death proves only one thing, that each individual is individual. Be like a river when needed. You believe that putting more effort on something will make it better.

Dreams are my reality - GRAY BOX

The most successful ideas are the simplest. Half of our problems are caused by overanalyzing and overthinking. Water can wear away rock. Being slow and consistent can be more potent in the long run.

Part 1: Using Quantum Physics to…Manipulate Reality

Learn to watch life like watching a movie. Let go of your need to control all the events. Like a mirror, reflect back any situation without thinking about it or changing it. A mirror has no ego. It reflects reality, not emotions. The best way to release tension is by not adding drama to reality. Gustavo Razzetti is a change instigator that helps people and organizations create positive change. He is on a mission to help 1,, people become the best version of themselves.

Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Uncategorized 0. Most of us refuse to see reality as is, acting as if reality is ignoring us. Being at war with reality will only turn you into a casualty. Bennett We are addicted to our emotions.

A Culture of Self

Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned. Comparing to others is like holding burning coal.

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When you fight and resist, you get stuck; you create turbulence in your life. But to receive reality with open arms. This exercise is an invitation to embrace your true nature. Find the path of least resistance: You believe that putting more effort on something will make it better.

Be smart. Wait before you act. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo. Expend no unnecessary energy. Stop being at war with reality. Be like water. And there's old playboy Ralph who's always been shorter than himself, and there's a man with his chin in his hand, who knows more than he'll ever understand. Yeah, every night it's the same old thing Getting high, getting drunk, getting horny At the Inn-Between, again.

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And there's the bearded schoolboy with the woodeneyes Who at every scented skirt whispers up and sighs and there's a teacher that will kiss you in French Who could never give love, could only fearfully clench Yeah, people every night it's the same old thing Getting pacified, ossified, affectionate at Mr. Flood's party, again And there's the militant with his store-bought soul There's someone here who's almost a virgin I've been told And there's Linda glass-made who speaks of the past who genuflects, salutes, signs the cross and stands at half mast Yeah, They're all here, the Tiny Tims and the Uncle Toms, redheads, brunettes, brownettes and the dyed haired blondes, Who talk to dogs, chase broads and have hopes of being mobbed, who mislay their dreams and later claim that they were robbed.

And every night it's going to be the same old thing Getting high, getting drunk, getting horny Lost, even, at Martha's Vineyard, again. Of the dreams we dreamt together Of the love we vowed would never Melt like snowflakes in the sun My days now end as they begun With thoughts of you, and I think of you and think of you.

Down the streets I walked with you Seeing others doing things we do Now these thoughts are haunting me Of how complete I used to be And in these times that we're apart I'll hear this song that breaks my heart And think of you And I think of you And think of you and think of you And I do. Picture-taking tourist The war was half a deal The natives can't believe it It all seems so unreal Just to ask the question, Now how does it feel On Heikki's suburbia bus tour ride.

Read the Sunday paper though you may disagree About the maiden voyage of poets A to Zee None confuse to answer That happiness is free On Heikki's suburbia bus tour ride. But oh if you could see The change you've made in me That the angels in the skies Were envious and surprised That anyone as nice as you Would chance with me. Judges with metermaid hearts Order super market justice starts Frozen children inner city Walkers in the paper rain Waiting for those knights that never came The hi-jacked trying so hard to be pretty.

Night rains tap at my window Winds of my thoughts passing by She laughed when I tried to tell her Hello only ends in goodbye.

How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

America gains another pound Only time will bring some people around Idols and flags are slowly melting Another shower of rice To pair it for some will suffice The mouthful asks for second helpings Moonshine pours through my window The night puts it's laughter away Clouds that pierce the illusion That tomorrow would be as yesterday Don't sit and hope Don't sit and pine If you've been hurt Make up your mind I'm sure you'd find Someone who would really love you.

I don't know why you sit around I only know if love is gone Don't sit alone with your pride. To whom this may concern to say Don't wait for love to come your way Don't waste your time Make up your mind And make it happen I don't know why you sit around I only know if love is gone Don't sit alone with your pride Listen to me and you would see Just how fine your romance could be.