Armed with Integrity: Robert Thomasian: The Work of a Life Time

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David enlisted in Owen Sound on October 30, He was assigned the service number R and reported to London, ON, in early January to begin training. David was then sent to Manning Depot Brandon, Manitoba. David graduated as Sergeant Airgunner in August David was sent to England in September where he joined Sgt.

He also went to O. On December 13, David rejoined the R. David was promoted to Corporal in June, David trained and instructed E. We were attacked by German Junkers I hit him first. I did not knock him down. He did not come back for any more. I got credit for a probable kill. The scariest mission was to Volkel in Holland. All out navigation instruments stopped working, off the target, we swung too far north. We crossed over Rotterdam, we got hit with the German flak anti-aircraft shells and when we got back to base we counted holes.

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On the more pleasant side, when I got recommended for my commission I had to have an interview with the Wing Commander. When I went for the interview with the Air Commander he asked question one where I was from. He said he lived in Hamilton and used to come there trout fishing. So we spent a while talking about the better fishing spot.

Needless to say I got recommended.

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Three weeks later I got promoted to Pilot Officer. I sat behind you in high school. We did some pub crawling and talking over old times. After graduating, Ed began farming until when he enlisted. He was assigned the service number B and began his training in Toronto in August Ed trained in reconnaissance.

He landed in Glasgow, Scotland, at the end of August, and then went to Woking, England, by train. While in England, Ed took a wireless course and trained to be a Radio operator. He was sent to the Royal Montreal Regiment which disbanded in February , at which time Ed transferred to the British Columbia Regiment where he was the Loader operator. He operated the radio and loaded the guns on the tank. Ed toured through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany—heading up the coast.

He took part in the battle of the Falais Gap on August 9, On February 18, , Ed was discharged. Ed came home for Christmas in He got storm stayed and his brother Fred took him by horse and cutter 7 miles to the nearest open road. Ed missed the passenger train in Meaford but they let him ride on a freight train in the caboose to Allendale.


He then took the next train west. Ed told his story about being storm stayed, but was not believed. Wilfred was born on October 30, , to parents Edwin B. Wilfred attended Westmount Elementary school from to and then Westmount High. Wilf began working in for the family Irish Linens importing business that was founded by his grandfather. He lived in Hudson and Montreal, Quebec until He and Barbara bought a farm and moved to Mono Mills in In they moved to Palgrave after a lightning strike burnt the barns.

Wilf retired as Executive Director of Domcord-Belding in After tearing down their old cottage in Dyers Bay, and building a new home, Wilf and Barbara retired to the Bruce Peninsula in Wilfred enlisted in the military in at Montreal.

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He was assigned the service number of D Wilfred attained the rank of Lieutenant. Wilfred worked in Leatherhead, England, at the 1st Canadian Army Headquarters where he was sent as a runner for the General. He joined the Royal Scots Greys. Prior to enlisting, Frederick worked as a farmer. In August of , Frederick married Marie Saunders. Frederick was later employed by Toronto Hydro as a mechanic where he stayed for 21 years until his retirement in Sadly, Marie passed away in Frederick enlisted in the Army at Camp Borden in June and was assigned the service number B Frederick trained to become a Driver and obtained the rank of Corporal.

Frederick was discharged in He sent a letter home with tea bags in it. Later, he got a letter back complaining about how hard it was getting the tea out of the little bags.

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Gotta love Mother! Later that year he was employed at Russel Brothers as a welder, where he worked until The next year, in December , the couple welcomed their daughter Sharon. A few years later, the family continued to grow with the additions of Robert in October , Sandra in December and Raymond in September In the meantime, Charles had begun working for Hobart Manufacturing in where he worked as a welder until his retirement on December 31, Charles enlisted for the Army in Owen Sound on August 23, He was assigned the service number of B and began his training in Wainwright, Alberta.

He then went to Seattle, Washington, for one month. He took six weeks of training in Pusan before going to the front lines. Charles completed infantry training and held the rank of Private 1st Class. His battalion was awarded Mention in Dispatches for their fighting in the Battle of Kapyong. Then I joined the Fire Unit while I was waiting to go home.

While in Japan, we were in a contest with the Japanese Fire Department.

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  • We had to jump on our fire truck, take it to the water hole, put the hose in the water, start the pump up and run with the hose to a scaffold, climb up a ladder and knock a barrel off the platform with a spray of water before the Japanese did. We won. Howard grew up in Sullivan Township attending elementary school SS 6 there. From — Howard attended middle school and then high school. He also worked on the family farm from to After the war, Howard lived in Chatsworth, Holland Township from to Howard and Frances welcomed their son James in December Howard worked at the hospital until he retired in Howard moved to Owen Sound in Howard signed up for military service in June at Toronto, Ontario.

    He was assigned the service number B Howard began eight weeks of basic training at Brampton, Ontario, from June 10 to August 30, He was then posted to Vimy Barracks in Kingston, Ontario, on September 6, where he trained as a wireless operator. As soon as a beachhead had been established in France, Howard entered the theatre of war through Juno Beach. He was attached to any of the attacking troops that may encounter strong enemy resistance in order to provide air support when required. This saw him spend time in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Howard arrived in Holland around October 20 to 24, Howard was discharged on February 28, at the age of 23 years and 6 months.

    They could then request that we call on light aircraft to assist their advance. While the forward troops were closing the gap, our wireless set was operated from a slit trench using a remote controlled sending device connected to our wireless set by line wire. Eric grew up and attended elementary school in Yealand, Overkellet, Silverdale and Morecambe. He then began working for Shell Oil in Middleton, England. Eric and Ethel would welcome daughter Susan in and son Steven in Eric moved to Canada in Eric then moved to Port Elgin and began working for Ontario Hydro.


    He retired from Ontario Hydro in Eric signed up for military service at Kendal, England, in He was assigned the service number and began his training in Lanark, Scotland. Eric trained for mechanical maintenance and held the rank of private. After training, Eric was stationed in Woodbridge, England and at LadySmith Barracks in Salisbury working in mechanical maintenance and testing experimental equipment. He served with a separate unit called Special Armoured Development Establishment which was attached to the 75th Armoured Division.

    Eric was discharged in In Eric was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the th Anniversary of Canadian Federation for humanitarian services to Canada and the community. We ran fast! They would have nightmares and were shell shocked. It was very sad. In Eric was awarded the Federal Caring Canadian Award for distinguished community humanitarian services. He survived and continued his community and humanitarian services to his fellow countrymen and nation.